openNAC Announces new Release v1.1.0.3711

Image openNAC Announces new Release v1.1.0.3711

Monday, 2 Febrery 2015. Today openNAC releases v1.1.0.3711. This release adds a number of new components, many new features and many more bugfixes.


New openNAC release: Flexibility, adaptability, modularity and much more...Recent months have brought many new features to openNAC with improvements in management as well as usability and a lot of new features.

  • Improved policies with TAGs and Source requests

  • Administration Roles support

  • Performance trending information

  • Support for Active Directory authentication using 802.1x
  • Multiple User Data Source (UDS) support
  • Improved support of 3Com network devices
  • Scalability improvements with multi node load balance support
  • Autodiscovery of network devices using plugin architecture
  • User device OS discovery using plugin architecture
  • Dynamic assignement of Security Profiles (switch ACLs), using policies
  • Performance enhancements, data cache strategies, grouping updates, ...
  • Opennac latest news on dashboard
  • HTTPS enabled on administration portal
  • Custom tagging of autoprovisioned devices
  • More stability as many bugs are being fixed
  • ...

 You can download it from here. Also The openNAC team whises to thank for download it, and hope that you could send to us any feedback about the solution. Our community is always open to any kind of contributors, so we'll be happy if you want to join us in our project.