Why openNAC?

Main benefits of openNAC

  • Corporate network access based on a set of rules (access policy)
  • The availability of Notifications or Quarantine to users regardless of the client device (via browser)
  • Access accounting and audit
  • Real time monitoring of users, allowing to instantly locate users, ip, mac, switch, port and physical location
  • Value-added services such as monitoring, discovery and configuration of network infrastructure
  • Authentication of 802.1x enable devices
  • Authentication backend based on ldap or AD
  • Support to detect rogue devices using 802.1x or SNMP traps
  • Bulk configuration of network devices using module onNetConf
  • Bulk backup of configuration of network devices using module onNetBackup
  • Detection of os, antivirus, firewall and os updates of devices conected to enforce an access policy